Rafael Sanchez




Event Attended

Which event did you attend?

I attended the I-Venture Club 4x4 Training event at Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC).

What did you think of the Location's terrain?

It was an excellent test for what I was wanting to learn and do on the day.

What was your motivation to attend this event?

To find out more about the 4WD capabilities of the MU-X and to feel more confident when I venture out on my own.

What was the single most valuable thing you learned at the event?

The most valuable thing was using the 4WD settings in the car in a safe controlled environment. Also, it was comforting to know that there were others like us who wanted to learn more about their vehicle’s capabilities.

How do you feel about your off-road knowledge now that you've attended an I-Venture Club event?

Whilst there is a lot still to learn, Marie Anne and I are feeling less apprehensive about some of our forthcoming adventures. We know, through experience, that the MU-X is quite capable of handling tough situations.

Where is your favourite off-road location?

My favourite locations are Lake Gairdner and the Gawler Ranges.

Where do you plan on taking your vehicle in the future?

We would really like to visit Cape York this year and The Kimberleys after that.


Professional accounts from those in the know who've attended I-Venture Club events.

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