Advanced New Tech

The Isuzu D-MAX features an array of advanced technology – all tailored to make your life easier. The D-MAX delivers all the technological convenience & functionality you’ve come to expect – and much more.

Steering wheel and MID Steering wheel and MID

Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™

Connect your smartphone seamlessly to your vehicle via Android Auto™ and wireless Apple CarPlay® which will allow you to play music, navigate, answer phone calls and text messages – all while being hands free.

Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™ Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™


An array of technology featuring Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ brings you closer to your car.


Every Isuzu D-MAX includes a network of features that operate automatically and independently, working tirelessly so you can concentrate on the road.

Intelligent Driver Assist System (IDAS)

Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS) technology which encapsulates driver assistance systems as well as passive and active safety systems, is standard across every D-MAX model. Using state-of-the-art sensors and multiple cameras, the D-MAX constantly monitors your surrounding environment.

D-MAX safety IDAS D-MAX safety IDAS

Adaptive Cruise Control

When activated, the Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts your speed based on vehicles around you, including Stop & Go functionality. Available on automatic transmission models only.

Adaptive Cruise Control Adaptive Cruise Control

Headlights: Bi-led with auto levelling & DRLs

Automatic Bi-LEDs illuminate farther and wider, turning on independently when the D-MAX senses low-light conditions. They also feature Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) for extra visibility on the road during the day. Standard on LS and X-TERRAIN models.

Auto Headlights

Headlights automatically turn on when it is dark, such as at dusk or in underground car parks. During highway travel, the D-MAX dims the high beams automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers.

Wiper blade reverse function

The new blades feature a new aerodynamic blade design, to decrease drag when not in use and a new reversing motor that periodically flexes the wiper blade to prevent unwanted debris build-up and material fatigue, effectively extending the wiper blade life by two-fold. (Standard on LS-U & X-TERRAIN models)

D-MAX reverse wipers D-MAX reverse wipers

Rain Sensing Automatic Wipers

Standard across the range, the Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers automatically wipes the windshield when needed and varies the frequency of the wipe depending on the amount of rain detected.

D-MAX rain sensing wiper D-MAX rain sensing wiper

UV Glass

Be protected against the sun's damaging UV rays as well as heat-build up with UV protection glass on the front and rear screens.

UV Glass UV Glass


The Isuzu D-MAX delivers all the technological convenience and functionality you’ve come to expect, plus lots more.
Keys Keys
Remote Engine Start

Start your vehicle with a press of the remote button. The air-conditioning can be activated prior to entry to cool the cabin on a hot day. Standard on X-TERRAIN models.


The start/stop button offers convenient keyless engine start & stop. Standard on X-TERRAIN models.

D-MAX walk away lock D-MAX walk away lock
Walk away door lock

When leaving your vehicle, the D-MAX will secure itself automatically once you’re three metres away. Standard on X-TERRAIN models.

D-MAX coming home light D-MAX coming home light
Coming home lights

The headlights stay on when you lock your vehicle, to help light up your path to your door at night.

  • Some overseas models shown. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC. Not all devices will be compatible & functionality will vary depending on the device. Mobile Data & SMS rates may apply and are the responsibility of the user. Please check your local road rules before using these functions. ◊IDAS features are designed to assist the driver, but should not be relied upon nor used as a substitute for safe driving practices. Feature operation may vary in different driving conditions. For full explanation of limitations, see Owner’s & Driver's Manual.