Isuzu UTE Customer Service Charter

Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd (“IUA”) is committed to helping customers and others resolve complaints and concerns with our vehicles, parts, accessory products, and services. The purpose of this Isuzu UTE Customer Service Charter (“the Charter”) is to clearly communicate how IUA can help customers and others, give effect to this commitment. This Charter communicates:

  • The way IUA and an IUA Dealer (“Dealer”) should handle a complaint or concern; and
  • How customers can make complaints with a Dealer or with IUA; and
  • How the Australian Consumer Law (“ACL”) and IUA Warranties operate and align with IUA’s commitment; and
  • How IUA gives full effect to customers rights under the ACL.

The result of referencing this Charter should be that any issue can be managed fairly, efficiently and effectively. The Charter helps IUA meet its own internal commitment to integrity, fairness and corporate responsibility.

IUA and its Dealers consider all complaints and concerns against each of:

  • The Consumer Guarantees provided under the ACL; and
  • IUA Warranties.


To ensure that complaints are handled fairly, efficiently and effectively, IUA has a complaint management system to assist the customer and others in making a complaint and in the exercise of any rights under the ACL.

IUA’s complaint management system process is as follows:

1.  Talk to your Dealer about your complaint or concern. In IUA’s experience, early communication means most concerns or complaints can be easily explained or resolved;

2. If an issue remains un-resolved, speak with the appropriate Dealer Manager (Service, Sales or Parts) or speak with the Dealer Principal directly;

3. If further assistance is still required, directly contact IUA’s Customer Relations Team (“the CR Team”). The CR Team can be contacted by email or telephone;

Note: IUA can help at any stage with enquiries or provide other advice or assistance. However, in IUA’s experience, concerns relating to your vehicle are easier to resolve if you have first spoken to your Dealer, because they will usually know your specific circumstances. 

4. Upon receiving a complaint or concern, the CR Team will assign a case manager to explain how your case will be progressed. This case manager will normally contact you within two business days of you making your complaint or raising a concern to the CR Team;

The case manager will need (at a minimum) the following details:

  • Name, address, phone number and email;
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or registration number;
  • Vehicle age and kilometres travelled;
  • Name of the selling Dealer;
  • Name of the servicing Dealer;
  • Name of the repairing Dealer where you presented your vehicle (if different);
  • Who at the Dealer you have been communicating with; and
  • Details of your complaint or concern. 

5.  Your case manager will assist you with your complaint or concern. They will contact the Dealer and any other personnel within IUA to progress your complaint or concern.

6.  If you are not happy with how your case manager handles your case, you can refer your complaint to IUA’s Customer Relations Manager or request re-assignment to a different case manager.

7.  If you request a repair, refund, replacement or compensation, your case manager will escalate your request to a highly trained team within IUA. Your case manager will inform you of likely timelines for the CR Team to process your request and confirm the outcome. Written reasons will be provided for decisions where the outcome differs from the remedy that you requested.

8.  If you are not happy with the outcome, you may seek further assistance from your State or Territory Consumer Affairs Departments or the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission). Alternatively, you may apply to a relevant administrative tribunal in relation to your claim or seek legal advice. Further assistance may be provided by contacting the following government departments: 

  • Queensland Office of Fair Trading
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Tasmania
  • ACT Office of Fair Trading
  • NSW Fair Trading
  • SA Office of Consumer and Business Services
  • WA Consumer Protection
  • Local State or Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)


IUA provides a range of warranties to assist the Isuzu UTE owner (which are additional to rights under the ACL). Find out more about IUA’s warranties here.

Note: Third Party Accessories are accessories that are not manufactured by Isuzu or otherwise endorsed by IUA as Genuine Accessories. The manufacturer of any Third- Party Accessory may provide its own manufacturer's warranty. Isuzu UTE Approved Accessories (IUAA) are not manufactured or warranted by IUA. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the accessory. For further information about their respective warranties, click here.

Customers are entitled to certain Consumer Guarantees under the ACL. A remedy under the Consumer Guarantees is in addition to IUA’s warranty. Consumer Guarantees cannot be replaced, limited or be taken away by anything IUA says or does, and may continue to apply after IUA’s warranty has expired. IUA is committed to complying with the legal obligation to provide customers with Consumer Guarantees under the ACL. More information is available at the ACCC’s website, which can be found here.


Consumer Guarantees apply to vehicles for an unspecified, but reasonable time, and are subject to certain exceptions (for example, damage due to abnormal consumer use). Generally, when buying an IUA vehicle, part, accessory products and services, a customer has the right to expect the following:

  • be of acceptable quality (including that it is as safe, durable and free from defects as a reasonable consumer would believe is acceptable);
  • be fit for a particular purpose disclosed before the sale;
  • match the description provided or demonstration model; and
  • have spare parts and repair facilities available for a reasonable period of time.

If your vehicle fails to meet a consumer guarantee, you may be entitled to a remedy of repair, replacement, refund or compensation if the IUA vehicle, part, accessory products or services fail to meet the Consumer Guarantees. The remedy you are entitled to, and who chooses the remedy, will depend on whether the failure is a major problem or minor problem.


A major problem means the IUA vehicle or product:

  • is unsafe;
  • is very different from the description or demonstrator model;
  • has either one serious problem or several smaller problems that would stop someone buying the vehicle or product if they knew about them beforehand; or
  • cannot be used for its normal purpose, or another purpose the consumer told the Dealer about before they bought it, and which cannot easily be fixed within a reasonable time.


This type of problem happens when:

  • an IUA vehicle or product can be fixed, or the problem can be resolved, within a reasonable time; or
  • when an IUA vehicle or product has a minor problem, the business must fix the problem or repair the product for free.

Generally, businesses do not have to offer a replacement or refund for a minor problem, although IUA may choose to do so.


Consumer Guarantees are subject to certain exceptions. For example:

  • The guarantee of acceptable quality does not apply if:
    • a customer causes the IUA vehicle to become of unacceptable quality;
    • the IUA vehicle is used abnormally;
    • a customer examines the IUA vehicle before they buy it and this examination should have revealed that it was not of acceptable quality; or
    • if the IUA Dealer alerted the customer to a defect before they purchased it.

  • A customer cannot reject a IUA Vehicle and seek a full refund or replacement if:
    • the rejection period has passed (being the period of time from when the vehicle was purchased and within which it would be reasonable to expect the relevant failure to comply with a consumer guarantee to become apparent);
    • a customer has lost, destroyed or disposed of the IUA vehicle; or
    • the vehicle was damaged after being delivered for reasons not related to a fault in the IUA vehicle.

IUA hopes this charter will assist customers and others to fairly, efficiently and effectively resolve any complaint or concern. More information about your rights can be found by visiting the ACCC’s website, which can be found here.