Diane Coleman

D-MAX SX - Single Cab


High Country, VIC

Event Attended

Which event did you attend?

I attended the Victorian High Country IVC trip.

What did you think of the Location's terrain?

It had a great variety of terrains to test both my skills and the capabilities of the D-MAX.

What was your motivation to attend this event?

I wanted to improve my skills and gain confidence when it comes to four-wheel-driving and going off-road.

What was the single most valuable thing you learned at the event?

Having the instructors on hand to consult about tyre pressure on the Blue Rag Track. We would never have gone as low as they recommended on the day, and it made all the difference to our trip.

How do you feel about your off-road knowledge now that you've attended an I-Venture Club event?

After the Victorian High Country trip, I'm so much more confident with my abilities and those of the D-MAX. Now I can do it!

Where is your favourite off-road location?

The best off-road location I've been to so far has been the trip to the Vic High Country with I-Venture Club and the Monument Track.

Where do you plan on taking your vehicle in the future?

I want to travel to Carnarvon Gorge in July and then north-west Western Australia in May 2024.


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