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The D-MAX and MU-X have well established reputations as a top choice for towing, touring and adventure worldwide. And if you’re looking to personalise your pride and joy, each model is also an ideal blank canvas: a receptive platform that you can fit out to create your dream vehicle for work and play. With hundreds of parts and accessories available, owners are spoilt for choice.

As the saying goes, ‘genuine is best’ and Isuzu UTE Genuine and Approved Accessories have been engineered and designed to the highest standard. The available catalogue spans over 140 accessories shared across the D-MAX and MU-X ranges. Each accessory is tried, tested and guaranteed to fit your vehicle, and all have been designed to be compatible with Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS). Most importantly, Isuzu Genuine and Genuine Approved Accessories are backed by Isuzu UTE Australia with a comprehensive warranty.


If you rack up the miles, a set of bonnet and headlight protectors can effectively deflect debris away from the bonnet and headlights of your D-MAX or MU-X. Weathershields mounted to the door frames help mitigate rain and dust entering the cabin when the windows are down and the vehicle is on the move. Heavy duty side steps with or without the side rails (brush bars) are also available for the D-MAX, which mount to the chassis and add sill and side panel protection, plus a stable platform for accessing the vehicle or the roof.


With a dynamic roof carrying capacity of up to 100kg, the rooftop of a D-MAX or MU-X is valuable real estate for stowing recovery boards, awnings and other bulky gear. Alongside the traditional selection of roof bars and cross bars are Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tradie Trays and Pioneer Platforms, which provide a sturdy and level loading surface. From there, a selection of awnings can be mounted, providing welcome shade when you’re parked.


Bull bars and nudge bars add a layer of protection to the front end and can deflect debris from powertrain components and bodywork. Bull bars also double as a mounting platform for auxiliaries such as light bars and UHF antennae. Good news: Isuzu UTE’s Genuine satin black steel bull bar, polished alloy bull bar, and nudge bars, are built to work with the IDAS stereo camera system, front parking sensors and fog lights.

Clearance is key off road. One benefit of the Isuzu Genuine bull bar is extra approach angle clearance, allowing you to clamber over otherwise impassible obstacles. D-MAX's fitted with the satin black steel bull bar are compatible with a set of heavy-duty side steps with side rails—commonly known as brush bars—which add further protection. When fitting any bar or auxiliaries, it’s important to factor in the extra weight across the front axle and the impact it can have on the vehicle’s payload capacity and GVM.


The genuine canopy adds versatility and security to the rear tub with a taller load area, and is available with a combination of conveniently lockable lift-up or sliding side windows. Canopy roof bars can be fitted, adding valuable storage flexibility on top of the vehicle.


Providing a new level of versatility and security for items stowed in the tub, a remote tailgate central locking kit integrates with the existing vehicle key, conveniently locking and unlocking the rear tailgate at the push of a button. A rubber tray mat and under- or over-rail tub liner is available for SX and LS-M models, which helps protect the tray (and the items within) from damage. A dual battery system with 12V smart socket can be optioned to most D-MAX models, affording the use of auxiliaries without draining the vehicle's main battery. A 12V smart socket adds versatility to the rear tub by powering auxiliaries such as a fridge or air pump from outside the vehicle.


Many prefer an SUV because of its larger cabin space for storage. A selection of cargo barriers and liners organises the rear half of the MU-X, while a retractable tonneau cover (parcel shelf) provides privacy from prying eyes.


Close to half of all Isuzu owners chose their D-MAX or MU-X with towing in mind. It’s possible to tailor your vehicle to suit your specific towing needs, with the option to have either a 7- or 12-pin trailer plug to match your trailer and electronic brake controller (the latter being essential for heavier trailers and caravans that are fitted with electric brakes).

A weight distribution hitch (WDH) is also available and effectively spreads the drawbar load across the vehicle’s axles more evenly, alleviating excessive rear squat. A set of Clearview Compact or Next Gen Towing Mirrors not only have built-in LED indicators and Blind Spot Monitoring warning lights, they also extend outwards to afford you greater visibility of your trailer.


A snorkel efficiently feeds cleaner and cooler air from up high, rather than from the front of the vehicle—benefitting travellers off the beaten track.


Tonneau covers can keep lots of things out, such as sticky fingers or rain. A traditional loopless soft vinyl cover with clip-in sides adds weather protection and can be easily removed. For something more robust, a colour-matched hard lift-up cover with an integrated LED light and remote central locking provides excellent protection—and is available as a one- or three-piece option for those with sports bars. An electric roller tonneau can be optioned to utes, providing automatic, push-button open-and-close functionality, plus integrated interior LED lighting.

A manually operated roller tonneau is also available, albeit sans LED lighting and push-button operation. It is secured via traditional lock and key. Both genuine roller covers are engineered by Mountain Top in Australia and can be rolled away at set increments to store taller items in the ute tray. They feature channels for mounting additional cargo carrier racks, ladder racks or a Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform, which adds storage space above the tub area for bulky items.


Practicality, versatility and carrying capacity are key considerations for many ute drivers, which is where a D-MAX cab chassis proves its worth. The load area measures 1,777mm in width and the length is dependent on the body style. The Crew Cab, Space Cab and Single Cab have tray lengths of 1,800mm, 2,100mm and 2,550mm respectively. Trays are available in either Economy Alloy, General Purpose Alloy, Heavy-Duty Alloy, Heavy-Duty Steel and Mine-Specification Steel, with each option steeping up in features, durability and weight.

Regardless of the tray chosen, each is equipped with drop-down and removable sides, and features a multitude of tie-down points. A selection of ladder racks, headboards, grab rails and other tray accessories can also be optioned to the tray. For added security for valuables and tools, a selection of lockable slide-out drawers and toolboxes are available, maximising versatility and storage by repurposing the voids that otherwise exist beneath the tray.


No matter how you aspire to accessorise your vehicle, Isuzu UTE has you covered with our wide range of Genuine & Approved Accessories. Have peace of mind knowing each accessory comes with a warranty and are made to perfectly fit your vehicle. To design your own customised vehicle, explore our full range of accessories here:

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