These Terms and Conditions apply to the Service Plus Driving Report Program ("Program"). Participation in this Program is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer.

Isuzu UTE may amend the Program and these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice and such changes will become effective immediately upon publication to the Isuzu UTE website, unless stated otherwise.


In these Terms and Conditions:

Capped Price Servicing Eligible Vehicle means Eligible Vehicle under the Capped Price Servicing Program. For full Terms and Conditions of the Capped Price Servicing Program click here;

CPS Scheduled Service means the Scheduled Service conducted by a Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer under the Capped Price Servicing Program (click here for Capped Price Servicing Program Terms & Conditions);

Customer means the registered owner of the Driving Report Eligible Vehicle or authorised representative of the registered owner of the Driving Report Eligible Vehicle;

Driving Report means the Service Plus Driving Report as described under clause 8 and provided under these Terms and Conditions which is included as part of the Service Plus Program or separately purchased pursuant to these Terms and Conditions;

Driving Report Eligible Vehicle means Isuzu UTE vehicles that are D-MAX 12MY and onward models or MU-X models, sold by an Isuzu UTE Dealer that are equipped with a Data Recording Module "DRM" or “Information Module”;

Driving Report Price means the price for the Driving Report as specified in Clause 6 of these Terms & Conditions;

DRM or Information Module means the module which records vehicle technical data required for generate the Driving Report;

Isuzu UTE means Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd ABN 80 129 563 739;

Isuzu Motors means Isuzu Motors Limited, the vehicle manufacturer;

Isuzu UTE Dealer means an authorised dealer appointed by Isuzu UTE to sell new and/or demonstrator Isuzu UTE vehicles in Australia and/or authorised to perform Scheduled Services on such vehicles;

Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer means an Isuzu UTE Dealer who has agreed to participate in the Program and agrees to perform the Driving Report analysis for Customers pursuant to these Terms and Conditions;

Scheduled Service means the service items listed in the Maintenance Schedule for Normal Operating Conditions in the Warranty and Service Booklet excluding Additional Maintenance Schedule Items (except engine coolant replacement) for all Eligible Vehicles as may be amended from time to time.

Term means the duration of the Program as set out in clause 4 of these Terms & Conditions;

Warranty and Service Booklet means the official Isuzu UTE Warranty and Service Booklet supplied with new or demonstrator Isuzu UTE vehicles at the time of purchase, which includes warranty and maintenance records.


Driving Reports can only be provided to Customers of Driving Report Eligible Vehicles from Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers.


The Program commences on 1 October 2016 and shall continue until terminated by Isuzu UTE. Isuzu UTE reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Program and these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason.


A Driving Report can be provided to the Customer of a Driving Report Eligible Vehicle at any time during the Term by a Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer.


  1. For 16.5MY onwards, Capped Price Servicing Eligible Vehicles which are eligible for free CPS Scheduled Services are also entitled to a free of charge Driving Report at any of the vehicle's free CPS Scheduled Services. The free Driving Report is only available if requested and conducted at the time of the free CPS Scheduled Service by a Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer under the Capped Price Servicing Program.
  2. Customers of Driving Report Eligible Vehicles can purchase Driving Reports from Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers.
  3. The recommended retail price of the Driving Report is $13.20 (including GST). Prices may vary from state to state and dealer to dealer. Customers should contact their local Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer to confirm the price that is specific to them prior to requesting a Driving Report.
  4. Isuzu UTE may vary the recommended retail price for a Driving Report from time to time without notice.


Driving Reports can only be obtained at Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers of the Program.


  1. The Driving Report will provide Customers with a guide on vehicle usage and offers tips on how to improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
  2. Vehicle usage data is extracted by a download tool from the Driving Report Eligible Vehicle’s DRM or Information Module to the Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer’s laptop computer. The vehicle data is then converted for analysis. The converted data is then compared against a database of Customer vehicle usage data collected by Isuzu UTE.
  3. The vehicle usage data extracted will be used to provide results in the Driving Report on the following test areas:

    1. Vehicle Speed;
    2. Idle Time;
    3. Engine Speed;
    4. Braking; (Not applicable for 16.5MY to 19MY Vehicle models)
    5. Acceleration; and
    6. Fuel Efficiency.
  4. No journey or location history of any vehicle will be collected.
  5. Grading and calculation methods are subject to change at any time.
  6. Customer Driving Report values or results:

    1. may be materially different to those shown on the Driving Report Eligible Vehicle’s Multi-Information Display as calculation and grading methods may vary;
    2. may differ from the ADR 81/02 federal government’s standard laboratory based test regime;
    3. depend on various factors including, but not limited to, individual driving style, conditions of usage, vehicle condition, vehicle load and modifications to the standard product; and
    4. vary depending on the database of information collected by Isuzu UTE at the time that the Driving Report Eligible Vehicle’s extracted data is compared with.


  1. The Driving Report is provided as a guide only and is provided “as is” and no representations, warranties, undertakings or guarantees have been made in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information found in it or that the use of the information in the Driving Report will lead to any particular outcome, value, benefit or savings.
  2. Statements in a Driving Report or material associated with the Program which make recommendations or provide information as to how driving habits may impact on the performance and condition of a vehicle are not guaranteed by Isuzu UTE and should not be relied on.
  3. Forward looking statements are only predictions and recommendations, and are subject to risks, uncertainties, assumptions and road rules which are outside the control of Isuzu UTE. Isuzu UTE does not condone speeding or contravention of local traffic laws. Drivers must obey local traffic laws and posted speed limits at all times.
  4. To the extent permitted by law, Isuzu UTE, Isuzu Motors and Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers providing Driving Reports will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred (directly or indirectly) in connection with this Program, including:

    1. as a result of lost or incomplete Driving Reports or information collected for this Program due to error, omission, tampering, theft, destruction or otherwise;
    2. by reason of any person using or relying on information in the Driving Report; or
    3. as a result of any contravention of traffic laws or speed limits.
  5. The Service Plus Driving Report is the copyright of Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd © Copyright August 2016. No part of this report may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Isuzu UTE. 


  1. The Customer warrants to the Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer providing a Driving Report and Isuzu UTE that it complies with all privacy laws applicable to it and has disclosed to the drivers of the relevant Driving Report Eligible Vehicle that the Customer is obtaining a Driving Report which may utilise and disclose personal information of the driver.
  2. The vehicle usage data extracted from the DRM or Information Module will be used by the Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer to provide a Driving Report to the Customer. The vehicle usage data will be disclosed to Isuzu UTE, Isuzu Motors and possibly their related entities and affiliates, in Japan or Thailand, for the purpose of conducting this Program and for motor vehicle research and development, analysis, safety and environmental sustainability improvement purposes.
  3. No personal information is disclosed to Isuzu Motors, their affiliates or their related entities in Japan or Thailand. Only de-identified aggregated data will be transmitted to them.
  4. Isuzu UTE and Isuzu UTE Dealers are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988, as well as any other applicable laws, and handle any personal information in accordance with Isuzu UTE’s Privacy Policy at and Isuzu UTE Dealers’ Privacy Policies, available on their respective websites.
  5. Isuzu UTE collects information for the purpose of conducting this program, and without it we may not be able to provide you with a Driving Report. To make a complaint or obtain information on how we handle your personal information, handle complaints or to access or update information we hold about you, please read our Privacy Policy at or contact us on 1300 147 898 or online by our contact form at