The Toughest in the Game: Isuzu UTE Australia & Australian Survivor

17 February 2022

Since it first aired, Australian Survivor has made a name for itself as one of the most-watched and entertaining adventure reality shows on Australian television, with 2022 looking to continue that same tradition with a brand new adventure-packed season.

After a successful season of Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn in 2021 – where contestants were divided by intellect and strength – Isuzu UTE Australia are once again teaming up with the fan-favourite adventure show for their ninth and latest season, Australian Survivor: Blood V Water

Retaining its unique concept of getting contestants, also known as castaways, to battle it out for the items they will need to survive, Australian Survivor: Blood V Water challenges this year’s contestants with the harsh and unforgiving environments of Queensland’s Outback – this time with one almighty twist. 

As a first for the Australian series, the Blood V Water season began with castaways navigating a unique concept – arriving on location in a team of two, bound by blood. In true Survivor fashion, the comfort they felt in their pairs was fleeting – soon being separated from their blood into two teams: Blood and Water. That’s right – 24 contestants, two teams and each family pair going up against each other. Viewers will see siblings, in-laws, cousins, partners and more battling each other in an assortment of mental and physical challenges throughout the season, to see who has what it takes. After all, only the toughest, Sole Survivor can take the title. 

“The new season of Australian Survivor will be the toughest season for our castaways that we have ever produced, with the conditions more demanding and the challenges more brutal than ever before,” said 10 ViacomCBS Executive Producer, Tim Ali. “The question on everyone’s mind is, will blood truly be thicker than water?” he said. 

Revered for their own toughness and reputation for reliability, versatility and durability, the Isuzu D-MAX Ute and MU-X SUV are supporting Australian Survivor and the castaways again for the Blood V Water season – helping them navigate the harsh Australian environments when required.

“It’s great to be back working alongside Isuzu UTE Australia, who provided a number of entertaining integrations in the 2021 Brains V Brawn season and with their help, Blood V Water is shaping up to be another adventure-packed season for the show,” said 10 ViacomCBS National Sales Director, Lisa Squillace. 

Similar to the 2021 Brains V Brawn Season, this year, viewers will also have an opportunity to embark on their own adventure, with Isuzu UTE Australia offering the chance for one lucky viewer to win their choice of a brand new Isuzu D-MAX or MU-X. All they have to do is tune-in to Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, watch out for a code word which will be announced during the program and then enter via 10 Play.

The new season has only just begun and there is plenty more adventure to come. Catch Australian Survivor: Blood V Water on Channel 10, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, at 7.30pm, and 10 Play on demand.