Refreshed 19MY D-MAX & MU-X Refreshed 19MY D-MAX & MU-X

Refreshed 19MY D-MAX and MU-X driving customer satisfaction

01 May 2019

  • Improved Service Plus Program 6-6-7 (6 Year Warranty, 6 Years Roadside Assist, 7 Years Capped Price Servicing)
  • Refreshed D-MAX exterior
  • Refreshed MU-X interior and exterior
  • Steering refinement for MU-X range
  • Safety options available including Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Front Park Assist

Having recently been awarded two of Australia’s premier Customer Satisfaction Awards by Roy Morgan; the ‘2018 Car Manufacturer of the Year’ and the ‘2018 Best of the Best’ awards, Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) has introduced a number of updates to the 19MY D-MAX and MU-X range. These updates are positioned to continue IUA’s growth within Australia’s two most highly-contested segments; the 1-Tonne Ute and Large SUV segments.

Isuzu UTE Australia Managing Director, Hiroyasu Sato, said: “With the launch of the new 19MY D-MAX and MU-X, we see every opportunity to build on the success paved over the past decade, with a key focus on satisfying our customers with a quality product and great aftersales service.”

Service Plus 6-6-7

As testament to the confidence instilled within the very DNA of all 19MY Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X models, IUA has improved the comprehensive Isuzu ownership program, Service Plus 6-6-7; encompassing a 6 Year / 150,000 Kilometre Warranty, 6 Years Roadside Assistance and 7 Year/105,000 Kilometre Capped Price Servicing program.

 “Customer Satisfaction has always been at the core of our product, which is why after much deliberation we’ve revised our Service Plus 6-6-7 ownership program, ensuring we (IUA) put our best foot forward and continue to look after our loyal customers,” said Isuzu UTE Australia Managing Director, Hiroyasu Sato.

The 6 Year / 150,000Km Warranty is an evolution of the long-standing 5 Year / 130,000Km Warranty introduced in 2013. Based on feedback from the Isuzu UTE Dealer Network, IUA has increased the warranty coverage to cover the majority of typical owners’ mileage of less than 25,000km per year over the course of a typical 6 Year ownership period. This warranty coverage improvement has been designed to drive our customers’ further, adding peace of mind when it comes to knowing that their Isuzu is protected.

In the unlikely instance an Isuzu driver may require roadside assistance, rest-assured IUA have a comprehensive 6 Years Roadside Assistance program in place, an improvement on the 5 Year Roadside Assistance program that was also introduced in 2013.

Through continual refinement of Isuzu motor vehicles, Isuzu engineers have structured a highly competitive 7 Year Capped Price Servicing (CPS) Program for 19MY-onwards vehicles, the longest CPS program currently offered within the 1-tonne ute and ute-based SUV class. In fact, for up to 7 Years of ownership, the total cost of IUA’s capped price service program equates to only $3,600, making owning an Isuzu a truly satisfying and cost-effective experience.

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The refreshed Isuzu D-MAX

The exterior of the 19MY D-MAX LS-T has been tastefully refreshed through the introduction of 18-inch machined-faced matte black aluminium wheels. The new-look wheels are wrapped in 255/60R18 Toyo Open Country Highway Terrain tyres, for uncompromised durability, all-weather grip and lower road noise.  

Between the new bold wheels sit new-look sidesteps, a revision carried over on the LS-U, as well as the LS-T. Constructed from durable Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and bolted to the robust body with steel brackets. These new sidesteps are engineered to improve routing water away from the face of the step, ensuring optimal levels of grip underfoot. Atop the D-MAX LS-T cabin, are a refreshed pair of roof rails, finished in matte black.

The new matte black trend works in synergy with the sharp-looking machined-face alloys matched with the muscular flared wheel arches and aggressive front-end aesthetics of the LS-T. LS-M and LS-U variants have also received a touch of black to the exterior, with all LS models (LS-M, LS-U and LS-T) receiving the matte black treatment to the radiator air intake on the front bumper, as well as the B-Pillars of all 19MY Crew Cab LS models. The final new addition to the 19MY D-MAX range is the inclusion of Isuzu’s Passive Entry and Start System (PESS) on the D-MAX LS-T 4x2—a feature previously reserved for the flagship Isuzu D-MAX LS-T 4x4 only.

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The Isuzu MU-X: refreshed inside and out

The 19MY MU-X range has received aesthetic tweaks to create commanding, bolder look. Starting at the front, you’ll instantly notice the aggressively styled front grille, finished in grey and black on LS-M models and in chrome and gloss black on LS-U and LS-T models. The grille has been designed to route airflow to essential engine and cooling components while staying true to the iconic horizontal bar look made famous by Isuzu trucks over the past century.

The look for LS-U and LS-T models is further enhanced with the introduction of 18-inch machined-faced gloss black aluminium wheels. The new-look wheels are completed with road-biased 255/60R18 Bridgestone Dueler Highway Terrain tyres, for a balance between durability, passenger comfort, all-weather grip and lower road noise.

With a detailed focus on user-friendly functionality, durability and passenger-comfort, the 19MY MU-X interior features acres of proven-durable surfaces, elegantly mated with premium soft-touch materials in key areas. The aesthetically pleasing, yet functional interior design has been further enhanced with appointments of piano black trim touches on the doors, complementing the use of the premium finish previously introduced in the 18MY variants on the switches and console trim.

Highlighting the 19MY MU-X LS-T interior refinements is the new ambient interior lighting—illuminating directly from the doors to bask occupants in a soothing, warm ambient glow at night. This LS-T exclusive feature automatically switches on and off with the use of the headlights, located on the indicator stalk.

MU-X steering in the lighter direction

Stability, accuracy and sturdiness has long been recognised as traits associated with the feeling behind the wheel of an Isuzu. A trade-off for the tactile, utilitarian steering feel is the weight behind steering inputs. Tuned with Australian-customer feedback in mind, Isuzu has recalibrated the hydraulic steering rack on all 19MY MU-X variants for a smoother and lighter experience. Steering inputs at a standstill and at low speeds have been greatly improved—requiring less effort than the majority of the competition. Whilst the tactile steering feedback at medium to high speeds has been retained, giving 19MY MU-X drivers the best of both worlds; smooth and light steering for manoeuvring in carparks and surefooted weighted steering with excellent feedback at medium to high speeds.

Isuzu UTE Australia Managing Director, Hiroyasu Sato, said: “Recalibrating the MU-X steering to require lighter inputs while manoeuvring at low speeds, whilst retaining the sturdy firm feedback at medium to high speeds has given the MU-X the best of both worlds.”

MU-X receives Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert options

IUA is now offering Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) as an optional accessory on all 17MY, 18MY and 19MY-onwards MU-X models. Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) uses sensors embedded in the rear bumper to monitor the proximity of objects that may be in the driver’s blind spot, warning the driver before changing lanes or manoeuvring on the road.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) utilises the same BSM sensors in the rear bumper, monitoring the distance and proximity of oncoming vehicles when reversing from a carpark or backwards around a blind corner.

BSM with RCTA is available as an optional accessory for $955 RRP and can be retrofitted to 17MY-onwards MU-X models.

“Engineering BSM and RCTA to be available to be retrofitted to existing customer vehicles is a step in the right direction to continue to ensure that Isuzu remains synonymous with safety and continues to keep our customers satisfied,” explained  Isuzu UTE Australia Managing Director, Hiroyasu Sato.

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Front Park Assist option for D-MAX and MU-X

Encompassing safety, confidence and convenience, Isuzu engineers have made Front Park Assist (FPA) available for all 17MY-onwards D-MAX LS models and all 17MY-onwards MU-X models. Utilising a three-stage radar sensor system across the front overhang points of the vehicle, FPA audibly warns the driver of any obstacles while manoeuvring in tight spaces, mitigating the chance of an accident. FPA is available an optional accessory for $545 RRP and can be retrofitted to 17MY-onwards LS-M, LS-U and LS-T D-MAX and MU-X models.

19MY Update Overview

Driven to deliver on the values customers have grown to expect, the 19MY D-MAX and MU-X range takes a refreshed approach to the segment, by matching an improved Service Plus program with new features and bolder looks—all the while staying true to the core-values that all Isuzu vehicles are built on.

Isuzu UTE Australia Managing Director, Hiroyasu Sato, said: “The 19MY D-MAX and MU-X range blends the capability, functionality and durability—attributes each Isuzu is renowned for, along with the commanding and bold aesthetics of a modern SUV and Ute.”

“These updates to both the Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X, powered by Isuzu’s exclusive 3-litre turbo diesel 4JJ1-TC engine—generating 430Nm and matched with a 6-speed transmission—ensures we have a product to drive our growth in 2019” he concluded.

The 19MY Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X range will go on sale nationally from the 1st of May through IUA’s comprehensive network of dealerships.