Team Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X parked in showground Team Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X parked in showground


15 May 2017

  • New-look and new multi-year deal
  • New customer activations for 2017
  • National audience of 8 million reached
  • 18,000 passenger rides since 2013

Australia’s most famous precision driving team has re-signed a new multi-year deal with Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) and with it, launched a striking new look and new bag of tricks for 2017 and beyond.

Dubbed “Team D-MAX”, the outfit is owned and operated by EMG Precision Driving and made the switch to the Isuzu D-MAX back in 2013 – and over the past four years has demonstrated the strength and durability of IUA’s products through a punishing performance schedule.

Having performed as a main arena attraction at regional and capital city agricultural shows for decades, the precision driving team holds a special place in the hearts of most Australians. Since joining forces with IUA, the team has also become increasingly involved in different types of events such as caravan, camping and 4WD shows, giving patrons the chance to get up close and personal with the team and experience some of their breath-taking stunts – and abilities of Isuzu’s vehicles – first hand.

“Precision driving has been a crowd favourite at city and regional agricultural shows for over 45 years and reaches a huge live audience in both our metropolitan and regional markets,” IUA’s Assistant General Manager – Marketing & PR, Dave Harding said.

“As well as its spectacular driving displays, the team now takes passengers for rides up and over the world’s steepest 4WD ramp, the Isuzu UTE ‘Iron Summit’ as well as in a D-MAX being driven on two wheels ... it’s definitely a very exciting experience not on offer anywhere else.

“No other sponsorship property outside of off-road racing gives us the opportunity to display our D-MAX and MU-X in action, and present the extraordinary performance and durability our vehicles offer,” he added.

The Team D-MAX event calendar is bulging in 2017 with the precision driving troupe expected to perform at over 25 shows throughout the year, with Team D-MAX Director Wayne Boatwright stating that the enhanced demand for the precision driving team coincides directly with the increasing popularity of Isuzu UTE as an automotive brand.

“We’ve enjoyed our partnership with Isuzu UTE Australia and it is great to be associated with the market leader in terms of growth but for us, faith in the product is the main factor.

“There’s a lot of choice in the market when it comes to an automotive partner – but all we care about is genuine high level dependability and toughness – and in that regard the D-MAX and MU-X are in a league of their own,” Mr. Boatwright said.

In preparation for the year, Team D-MAX Lead Driver Jack Monkhouse said the team has some exciting developments planned that will enhance the existing show.

“Choreographed to a brand new soundtrack, each performance will feature a range of daring vehicle stunts and close formation driving.

“Crowd favourites, such as driving on two wheels, jumping the utes over one another and the incredibly spectacular head-to-head four way crossover will all feature in the show, and for locations where we are limited with arena access, we’ll be introducing some new customer activations that will add another element of excitement to the Team D-MAX experience,” Mr. Monkhouse added.

Mr. Harding said Team D-MAX has been a fantastic asset for IUA’s dealership network, and since partnering with IUA in 2013, Team D-MAX has performed at over 100 shows nationally, reaching a live audience of 8 million people and conducted over 18,000 passenger rides.