IVC 5 Year Anniversary IVC 5 Year Anniversary

Isuzu UTE's I-Venture Club Celebrates Five Years

08 May 2020

Marking the fifth year of operation, Isuzu UTE Australia’s incredibly-popular I-Venture Club 4WD training program is showing no signs of waning. Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X drivers across the country actively continue to engage with Australia’s only vehicle manufacturer initiative of its kind that incorporates driver training days and extended training tours throughout the year—further enabling Isuzu owners to Go Their Own Way under the guidance of accredited 4x4 instructors.

Debuting in March 2015, Moreton Island, Queensland, I-Venture Club has since returned to this customer-favourite location 15 times—with additional locations added to the I-Venture Club program regularly to allow keen customers the opportunity to reach all corners of Australia.

IVC 5 Year Anniversary
During the first quarter of 2020, the I-Venture Club has already tackled four landscapes so far, two of which being brand new locations for the year—the rugged terrain of Gordon Country in Queensland and the Wild West Coast of Tasmania—with a selection of additional opportunities to explore this picturesque country on the horizon. 

I-Venture Club lead trainer, David Wilson, has travelled alongside eager Isuzu Owners in the program since day one and anticipates that the program will only continue to soar to new heights in the years to come.

“The development of Isuzu UTE’s I-Venture Club is all thanks to the enquiries from our D-MAX and MU-X owners who were searching for somewhere safe to learn the ins-and-outs of off-road driving,” David Wilson said.

“Since its introduction, the club has developed into an experience that not only enables our customers to learn vital off-road skills and techniques, but one that allows them to build the confidence to use the vehicles for what they were built to do—opening their minds to the limitless opportunities this lifestyle can offer them”
he said. 

“Not only does it endorse the ‘Go Your Own Way’ message Isuzu UTE looks to inspire, but it seamlessly puts it into practice—and I enjoy nothing more than exploring the Australian countryside or coastal regions with others who share the same passion for adventure and love for our trusted Isuzu vehicles,” he concluded.

IVC 5 Year Anniversary
When looking into doing an I-Venture Club training course, Isuzu owners have the option to choose from single-day courses occurring regularly across the country, or a bi-annual multiple-day course—offering a more extensive taste of Australia’s most authentically iconic locations—both proven to be a roaring success. November 2019 also marked I-Venture Club’s very first on-road training in Queensland, where owners hitched up their caravan, trailer or boat and explored the fundamentals of towing in their D-MAX or MU-X—an offering that Isuzu UTE Australia only hopes to expand to other states in time.

No matter which option they choose, customers will get to experience some of Australia’s most breathtaking and challenging off-road destinations and/or learn vital driving techniques. With safety in numbers, most owners are blown away by the inherent capability of the vehicles, which with minimal skill slowly pick their way up and down steep terrain almost effortlessly. The toughness of the vehicles is really put to the test under expert tuition, with both driver and passenger absorbing a huge amount of knowledge as they enjoy the scenery.

“The chance to come and do an I-Venture Club trip has been so worth it. The trips give ordinary people like us the confidence and competence to begin exploring our amazing country in a whole new way in our vehicles,” remarked Mrs. Heath, during the 2019 Western Australia, Coral Coast Trip. “The biggest thing we learned along the way, I think, is how fun it is to go off-road, and how capable these vehicles really are,” she concluded.

IVC 5 Year Anniversary
Aside from taking their vehicles off the beaten track, customers are guaranteed to meet fellow Isuzu owners also looking to Go Their Own Way, learn safe practices for respecting the local environment while getting amongst the native Australian flora and fauna and gain insight into the local region’s spectacular scenery that makes this country worth exploring. 

For more information about I-Venture Club and to view upcoming events, visit iventureclub.com.au.