Wild dingo stands in front of Isuzu Utes on beach Wild dingo stands in front of Isuzu Utes on beach


27 April 2018

2018 marks the third year of the ever-popular I-Venture Club and interest shows no sign of waning as customers all across Australia continue to drive demand for both training days and longer-format trips. Our recent foray to the Victorian High Country sold out in a matter of days, with many customers registering just hours after the event went live on the I-Venture Club website.

The development of Isuzu UTE’s I-Venture Club was a result of enquiry received from customers who were searching for somewhere safe to learn the ins-and-outs of off-road driving without damaging their vehicles, or embarrassing themselves by getting stuck somewhere at high tide! They want to use the vehicles for what they were built for – they just need a helping hand to get started.

I-Venture Club D-MAX drives along beach

The I-Venture Club also endorses the Isuzu UTE brand message of “Go Your Own Way”; essentially putting their money where their mouth is, in backing the quality of its vehicles offroad and showing owners how to indeed go their own way, and really get to places they’ve always dreamed of exploring

The longer format trips have proven to be a roaring success. These generally four-day trips offer customers the opportunity to join excursions to some of Australia’s most breathtaking — and challenging — off-road destinations, with the support of qualified 4x4 instructors to teach them the skills and techniques required to handle the toughest cross-country terrain, but always with a focus on safety and education on respecting and protecting the environment. With safety in numbers, most owners are blown away by the inherent capability of the vehicles, which with minimal skill slowly pick their way up and down steep terrain almost effortlessly. The toughness of the vehicles is really put to the test under expert tuition, with both driver and passenger absorbing a huge amount of off-roading knowledge as they enjoy the scenery.

Isuzu D-MAX plashes mud driving through water crossing in dense forest

“Trips like these give me a heap more confidence, and although we’d love to come out here by ourselves, you’re always a bit worried in case something happens, or you’re on the right track” one of our recent customers explained. “My partner was in the passenger seat for the first three days of the High Country trip, but on the fourth day she stole the keys and she won’t let me drive now, which is awesome” he concluded.

Aside from the 4WDing, customers make some like-minded friends along the way, as well as gain insight into the local area, with guides on hand to fill everyone in on the spectacular scenery and local history as well as native fauna and flora.

Two more longer-format trips are planned for 2018, in addition to the monthly training days around Australia, so for more information, head to I-Venture Club.