Hook, Line & Sinker Back On The Road 2021

26 August 2021

After spending their previous season confined to the smaller (yet still breath-taking) borders of their home backyard in Tasmania, the Hook, Line and Sinker boys were adamant on continuing to deliver those fishing adventures we know and love—and they did not disappoint. Fishing duo, Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart are once again taking their adventures across the country in their ever-entertaining 17th season of the show.

Hitting our screens from mid-September, viewers will see that the Hook, Line and Sinker Team have been very busy in Season 17, and with new toys—including an Isuzu D-MAX X-TERRAIN and a Bar Crusher 7.3 XT in tow—the fun never stops. They are once again on the quest to wet their line any chance they get, lure in some keen participants and catch monster fish right around the country.

“We are so excited to once again be back on the road exploring some of the most beautiful and iconic fishing locations around the country and getting to do it with some new toys has been such a refreshing bonus,” said Hook, Line and Sinker alum, Andrew Hart.

“This season was filled to the brim with bucket-list items and with the mighty new D-MAX towing the Bar Crusher Boat with ease during our long drives up and down the coast, it meant we could have a real go at ticking these items off our list, while having great fun doing it,” he said.

The adventures of their new season started in Summer—heading to Tasmania’s western lakes, putting the D-MAX through its paces and sight fishing some wild brown trout along the way. From there, they ventured across the Bass Strait to hitch the new Bar Crusher up to the D-MAX—visiting the likes of Bermgaui, Hawksberry River and Crowdy Head in NSW. Saving one of the most iconic locations for the end, their last trip sees Nick and Andrew camping on beaches and clocking up the miles in the boat as they explore the Great Barrier Reef—catching all the tasty and colourful fish the reef is famous for.

Some highlight catches from this new season include Nick reeling in a MASSIVE Bluefin Tuna and for Andrew, it was all about chasing the dream of joining the metre-club—reeling in the 103-centimetre-long Murray Cod that he has chased for 20 years. All there is left to do now, is watch it for yourself.

The 1st episode of Hook, Line and Sinker’s new season will premiere on 7mate on September 19th 2021 and 7plus streaming on demand, with a total of 13 x 1-hour episodes scheduled to air nationally over the following weeks. For the latest in Hook, Line and Sinker’s fishing adventures, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.