Red-y for Action - Driving the Safety Message on 'Day For Daniel'

29 October 2020

It seems that at the forefront of everyone’s minds in 2020 has been prioritising the safety and well-being of those around us, and no one knows the importance of this more than the Daniel Morcombe Foundation (DMF). For years, founders of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Bruce and Denise Morcombe, have dedicated their time to advocating child safety and protection awareness programs across schools and communities nationwide in remembrance of their son, Daniel, and this year was no different.

Friday October 30, 2020, marked their annual national day of awareness—‘Day for Daniel’—which brings all of Australia together in support of Bruce and Denise’s mission. With Wear Red, Educate and Donate being the key focus for the day, supporters all across the country wore red—symbolic of Daniel’s favourite colour—and contributed to what is the foundation’s biggest fundraiser each year—enabling them to continue developing free resources and programs for parents, carers, and educators to teach children how to stay safe. 

“Every year, Bruce, myself and the rest of the team here at the Daniel Morcombe Foundation continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity displayed by the nation in support of this day of reflection and advocacy,” said Denise Morcombe, co-founder of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has had some impact on our normal operations throughout the year and the way we would usually spend ‘Day for Daniel’, the importance of this day has remained strong amongst our supporters, with almost 5,000 schools and early learning centres pre-registering for our special day of the year—representing a staggering 30% increase across Australia compared to 2019,” she said.

Amidst the pandemic, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation decided that this year they would double their efforts to keep kids safe and they did just that. They launched two versions of their highly successful ‘Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson’ where some 4,200 schools and early learning centres tuned in to the live broadcasts. They also launched a board game called ‘Morky’s Safety Mission’—aiming to prompt a conversation between a child and carer. On top of that, Denise and Bruce also continued their school presentations—whether via Zoom or in-person (where possible), the momentum never slowed.

When ‘Day for Daniel’ rolled around, they knew they would not be able to gather thousands of people together on the Sunshine Coast, QLD to complete their annual ‘Walk for Daniel’ event like they usually did. Instead, the foundation encouraged everyone to wear red, donate and take a 4km ‘My Walk for Daniel’—in memory of the 4km walk that Daniel was unable to complete himself—wherever you were located around the country. 

“While we weren’t able to join many people in person this year, we were still inundated with support and love from those right across the country. It is with this support from the likes of schools, businesses, our partners and the nation-wide team by our side that we are able to continue spreading awareness of child safety and honour Daniel’s memory,” Denise said.

Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) has proudly partnered with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation since 2013 and in support of the foundation, wore red in solidarity and as a sign of remembrance on ‘Day for Daniel’. IUA also proudly bolstered their partnership support of the charity with a Daniel Morcombe Foundation-branded All-New Isuzu D-MAX, to assist them in their travels to deliver their safety curriculum to children across schools around Australia.  As one of the safest vehicles on Australian roads, we are proud to stand beside the Daniel Morcombe Foundation as they continue to drive the safety message across the country.

As Australia’s largest child safety campaign, ‘Day for Daniel’, through education, advocacy and initiatives help empower children to ‘Recognise, React and Report’ situations where they feel threatened. As 2021 nears, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation are continuing to identify gaps where new dangers may lie for our kids and are committed to making a difference by filling these gaps with education, communication and support. 

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