Royal Flying Doctor Service

Dubbo, NSW

4x4 MU-X LS-T


Rural Medical Support


Ask almost anyone in the outback, and they’ll know about the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Actually, they won’t just know them, they’ll love them. And for good reason. For generations, the RFDS has been the lifeblood of remote communities scattered across the country, reliably providing medical assistance and emergency retrieval services to those in need.

As well as handling emergencies, today nearly 70% of the work they do is in preventative services, holding clinics in remote and rural communities that offer general practitioner, dental, mental health, drug and alcohol services. There’s a large team of RFDS nurses, doctors and clinicians dedicated to the task, and they don’t always get around by air, but also by road, driving huge distances every week.

In 2023, Isuzu UTE Australia acknowledged this need for long distance travel by road and are now a proud Major National Partner, providing a fleet of Isuzu vehicles to support road travel to remote locations and communities. RFDS nurse Kerri has been doing the circuit around the Lightning Ridge area in outback NSW for years, and says it’s an honour working with these communities.

People living in remote areas don’t always have access to health services within their communities,” says Kerri. “But we think they deserve the best healthcare, just like everyone else. If it wasn’t for these clinics, many people would have to travel hundreds of kilometres to get the help they need.”

On her trips, Kerri is the proud driver of a brand new RFDS branded MU-X, and she couldn’t be happier. “We travel long distances, so it’s important to have a reliable vehicle like the MU-X as part of our mobile team,” says Kerri.

As RFDS Dr Paul Lunney explains, the work they do is about keeping people healthy and on country. "At the clinics, the focus is on prevention and management of chronic disease, so things don’t become a bigger problem later on." Says Dr Paul. " Together we’re tackling diseases like diabetes, heart and lung disease. It’s critical work.”

In the remote towns they visit, it’s easy to see the respect and love for the RFDS. As Kerri and Dr Paul drive into the remote community of Grawin, for example, community members quickly appear to greet them, even before the chalky, white dust high trailing behind the MU-X settles to the ground.

The welcome is always warm, the smiles are broad, and the patients and carers hug like long lost friends. Dr Paul says that the RFDS are always made to feel like family.

Some of our patients have incredible stories, and we’ve had the privilege of being part of their family’s lives for generations. We’re literally with people from birth to death, and everything in between. So, the bonds are pretty strong.”

At the end of the day, with all patients seen, Kerri and Dr Paul hop back in the MU-X and head to the next town. And while they enjoy all the comforts of their well-appointed vehicle, they’re also appreciative of the partnership between Isuzu UTE and the RFDS.

As Dr Paul says: “We really value the partnership because it’s helping us to deliver comprehensive care to remote communities. Our work is making a real difference to people’s lives, and nothing’s more important than that.”

For more details about the partnership between Isuzu UTE Australia and the RFDS, visit the Royal Flying Doctor Service Partnership Page. You can also support the RFDS by making a donation using the link below. 

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