Riding High On Life

Liz Cantor

Gold Coast, QLD

4x4 MU-X LS-T


Work, Family & 4x4 Adventures


They say if you do a job you love, you never work a day in your life. And quite possibly, no-one epitomises this popular saying any better than TV Presenter, Liz Cantor. 

Thanks to her role as a travel and lifestyle journalist, Liz lives an exciting lifestyle, visiting some of the most spectacular parts of the country and meeting all kinds of interesting people. A quick scroll of her Instagram feed quickly confirms this, highlighted by the endless pics of white beaches, horse riding, stunning wineries, water sports, glamorous events and magical sunsets.  

Liz isn’t one to fill her Instagram feed with manufactured images though. As she explains, every shot is genuine and a true reflection of her and the life she leads. 
“I am 100% a lover of adventure,” says Liz. “I totally live for it. There’s nothing better than getting out and about, getting amongst the action, and I love sharing what I do with the world”.

Liz was born to travel, ever since she was a toddler, her family were always packing up and exploring new destinations or distant surf breaks. Whether it was trekking through Indonesia, horse riding in New Zealand or skiing in Europe, adventure was always just a normal part of life. 

Now with a young family of her own, Liz and her husband Ryan are continuing the tradition and making sure her two young boys, Kit (4) and Fin (3) are experiencing their fair share of adventures. And as Liz explains, her MU-X plays an important part in making sure there’s never a dull moment. 

“I can honestly say, since we’ve had the MU-X, we’re constantly heading out to the beach for a surf or paddleboard, or down the park for a bike ride or session on the skateboards. It’s just so easy to throw everything you need in the back and still have room for everyone,” smiles Liz. 
While her young family and frantic work schedule keeps Liz insanely busy, she also understands and values the need for a bit of ‘me time’. For Liz, this means driving up to the hinterland to visit her good friend and professional jockey, Tegan Harrison. Tegan keeps a number of horses on her property, and together they make a point of getting out for a ride at least once a week. 

With the horse float hooked up to the MU-X they head to a nearby nature reserve that’s filled with beautiful riding tracks, bubbling creeks and sprawling bushland. The road to the reserve is winding and mountainous and is a good test for anyone towing a fully laden horse float. 

“My MU-X makes towing easy,” explains Liz. “Sometimes I have to remind myself that the horse float is there, even when we’re going up and down steep hills. It just feels smooth and effortless.”
For Liz, someone who’s spent more time on the beach than the bush, the journey to becoming confident and proficient in horse-riding is a test she’s eagerly adopted. 

“Life gets boring if you stop challenging yourself,” enthuses Liz. “I don’t ever want to stop learning; I believe in always pushing the boundaries.”

With the horses unloaded, the friends can sometimes spend hours exploring the tracks, chatting as they go, catching up on each other’s latest news and adventures. 

Back at home, Liz is revelling in her relatively new role as a young Mum, and is pouring all her energy into giving her two boys the best upbringing possible. 

“Motherhood is the ultimate challenge,” says Liz. “But it’s so rewarding, and to be completely honest I’m a little surprised how much I’m enjoying it. I was initially worried I wouldn’t have the time to get out and do the things I love like surfing, but what I’ve learnt is that it’s all possible, you can raise kids and keep your passions alive. My MU-X plays a big part in that.”
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