Living The Dream

Chris Parsons

Gold Coast, QLD

4x4 D-MAX LS-M


Work, Family & 4x4 Adventures


Have you ever had a dream job or goal in mind, but no clue how you were going to achieve it?

That was the stark reality facing TV presenter Chris Parsons many years ago, when he was toiling away in the backwaters of Community TV, trying to break into the big time. But, with hard work and persistence, Chris’s dreams were soon to become a reality!

Prior to his TV work, Chris had tried his hand at all manner of jobs as he searched for his place in the world. He always knew that acting or presenting was the direction he wanted to go, but it wasn’t until he responded to a simple ad for a TV Presenter in the newspaper on the Gold Coast that his future began to unfold. With time and training, Chris eventually got the call he was waiting for and was invited to audition for Channel 7’s ‘Creek to Coast’, ‘Queensland Weekender’ and ‘Great South East’ shows. 

Fast forward to today, and you’ll likely find Chris in a beautiful part of Queensland, in front of the camera, compiling another exciting story about the magnificent outdoors. He’ll most likely be wearing his trademark t-shirt, shorts and thongs, a true reflection of Chris’s relaxed personality and approach.

In his time with Channel 7, Chris has travelled to beaches, rainforest, parks, pubs, towns, cities – you name it – and most of it he has done by road. 

“I have been to pretty much every single part of Queensland by now,” says Chris.

“I have such an incredible love of the outdoors – it’s in my soul – and the people you meet along the way are just amazing.”

While to most of us that sounds like a dream job, Chris points out that presenting isn’t as easy as most people might think. Doing a travel story takes a lot of planning, local knowledge and research. 

“You need to be prepared. as things can go pear shaped at any moment. Having a vehicle that can go anywhere is a huge plus, and the D-MAX is perfect for what I do,” says Chris. “It’s got plenty of grunt and is so reliable. And that’s really important when I have a story to do and a deadline to meet.”

Outside of work, Chris is enjoying family life, with the recent arrival of their son Jude. 

“Being a Dad is just the best,” grins Chris, “Life just keeps getting better.”

“My wife Lou and I love sharing this country with Jude, showing him all the great places you can go and things you can do. But when we’re out and about exploring, safety is a huge factor when considering family trips. The D-MAX having the top 5-star ANCAP safety rating, is a must-have for me now.”

With his work and personal lives humming along, Chris says he often takes time to pause and reflect.

“I’m very grateful for where I’m at in life. I honestly stop and pinch myself all the time and think I am blessed. It took a lot of hard work and an equal amount of luck to get to this point, but I value each and every day.”

Chris also hopes his story might inspire others to pursue their dreams. 

“I’m just an average guy who chased a dream. I didn’t have experience; I didn’t have any special treatment: I just dug my heels in and went for it. I would say to anyone, as cliché as it might sound, follow your dreams, do what you want to do. You would be amazed of what you can achieve!”

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