Family at the beach with their MU-X Family at the beach with their MU-X

Sand Work & Weekend Sport

Ashleigh & Murray Davidson

Yaroomba, QLD



Family and adventure


Dawn on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland is like no other time or place in the world.

Head down to the beach early and you’ll find the sun’s rays slowly pushing through the clouds on the horizon in bursts of pink and red; you’ll find empty shorelines, tiny scuttling, flocks of screeching seagulls, and keen fishermen searching out the perfect spot.

You’ll also, most likely, find the Davidsons.

Kids walking to the beach
Family playing on the beach with their MU-X

They moved to the Sunshine Coast 10 years ago to embrace an ultra-active lifestyle. It’s a rare day that they don’t make the morning trek to the dunes and check out the swell. In reality, it doesn’t matter too much what the conditions are like, because they’ll probably paddle out anyway.

Murray and Ashleigh Davidson, with their kids Squash, Max and Carrie, live in a friendly and tight knit community wedged perfectly between the majestic heights of Mt Coolum and the white sands of Yaroomba. Life for the kids here is reminiscent of childhoods in the 60’s: free range, barefoot and sun- loving. Their hair is bleached blonde by the sun and the salt, and their smiles are permanent.

Ashleigh says that their outdoor lifestyle is something they love and cherish. As a family they have two MU-X SUVs (plus two D-MAX utes at Murray’s business), and she says the vehicles play a big part in their adventures.

“We’re always getting the MU-Xs out on the sand; they take us where we want to go, and they let us get away from the crowds. We have a few favourite spots we like to escape to, like Noosa North Shore, and nothing beats setting up for the day out there and lapping it all up.”

Ashleigh is convinced that getting the sand between their toes and enjoying all that the Sunshine Coast has to offer has a positive effect on the family’s outlook on life.

“We’re happy, optimistic people who just love getting the most out of every day,” said Ashleigh. “Living here and getting out on the beach and in the water as much as possible just changes you, it lifts you up and leaves you re-energised.”

Ashleigh is a creative type, with a real eye for photography and design. Her work is inspired by nature and the environment around her, and she has more than a few great snaps of the kids at play.

“I’m always trying to get that perfect shot, and I love looking for new angles, ideas and creative ways to capture our life and the beauty of our surroundings,” she says.

MU-X driving on the sand at the beach

While the kids are into surfing, Murray’s passion is kite surfing, and he has a tight knit group of mates who join him when the winds are right. Murray checks the wind conditions on his weather app frequently through the day, and you can tell he’s just itching to set up the rig and go for a spin.

Says Murray, “You only get one shot at life so why not blaze your own trail and do what you enjoy. I work really hard in my business, but I also get to play; there’s nothing like getting home from the office and strapping on the kite board and flying across the waves to wash all that work stuff away.”

Murray’s also a massive fan of the MU-X, and he’s always telling his friends about it.

“To me the MU-X is so flexible – whether that’s just loading it up with our beach gear, boards and kids, doing some sand work or driving to weekend sport, it’s perfect for every occasion.” says Murray.

Back at home, the Davidsons like to relax like any other normal family at the end of the day, whether that’s hanging out in the kitchen swapping stories, flopping on the couch with the family dog, having a swim in the pool or surfing the net.

But, you won’t find them sitting still for long. You can be sure that tomorrow, once the sun comes up on a new day, they’ll be racing off in search of their next adrenaline fuelled adventure.

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