Activities To Start 'Going Your Own Way' Again

WRITTEN BY: David Wilson

PHOTOS BY: David WIlson

This pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works—there is no point being coy about the situation we have all found ourselves in over the last few months, because there is no denying that it changed the way we were able to get our frequent fix of adventure. But despite those uncertain clouds that are circulating above us, something extremely positive has come out of the last couple of months for a lot of Aussies that is fuelling a strong desire to leave the unchanging atmosphere of the couch at home and get out-and-about.

As I write this, the stay-at-home orders are gradually being rolled back nationwide and so we can get back to doing what Isuzus were made for… Going Your Own Way! Again.

So while we wait for the restrictions to lift, here is a small list of the things I have been up to, that might inspire you to ease back into exploring this great country we call home—away from the crowds.

1. Reading

I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm and since I’m a travel and technical writer, research is something I cherish and of late I’ve had the time. I’ve got a bunch of books out of storage that I haven’t read in likely twenty years about the famed Australian Outback—poring over their maps and fables for hours and making copious notes in readiness for new journeys. There’s something exciting about discovering how a region has evolved over two decades since the last visit, learning about the new businesses, the new attractions and then committing to a date (even though it’s a little elastic at the moment). So with international travel out of the picture for a little while, there is nothing to say you can’t make the most of the time to explore your own backyard and there is no better place to start than getting stuck into a new book to research your next adventure—excitedly anticipating the day you can bring it to fruition. 

2. Bushwalking

I’ve also discovered that I’ve got a pair of functioning legs! Now, if you’ve seen me at work on an I-Venture Club day you know I do a lot of walking. But that’s on the job. Never do that when I’m home… until now. It’s easy when you’ve got a bunch of vehicles at your disposal to just simply grab one and go, but now and for a little while longer, I’ll opt for foot power. Plenty of those moments have also involved our D-MAX or the Wife’s MU-X, to take a run up to a trail and then hoof it uphill from there. Just yesterday on a glorious Adelaide winter’s day, I hiked up to the Morialta Falls and, thanks to recent and plentiful rains, the waterfalls were most certainly falling—you’ll have to see it now for yourself. Stunning!

3. Pushbike

I’ve been a fan of pushies since I was a kid but my opportunities to ride them seem to come in waves. I can go months without a ride due to work and interstate travel and other times I’ll get to use it daily. I haven’t got a big investment going there, it’s just a simple mountain bike, but I love it. Since restrictions came into effect, it’s been hooked up to the D-MAX and hauled down to the beach-shack and ridden along the Cockle-Trail—a mixed bitumen and dirt riding track that mirrors the path the SteamRanger Cockle-Train takes between Goolwa and Victor Harbour. In the months to come it’ll be going bush, seriously bush!

4. Surfing

I’ve been hitting the waves since I was a little tacker, riding a 4’ foamie at Moana on the mid-south coast of Adelaide. Fifty-plus years later, I’ve finally had the time to get a string of days together in the water like it used to be—luckily at times when the zephyrs have been blowing offshore and the waves have been nothing short of extraordinary and picture-frame-worthy. You know you’ve had a good day when you get out of the briny, shivering with your teeth-chattering from the cold, shoulders and arms killing you. That’s my idea of a good workout. I know mid-July I’ll be happy-as-Larry to be heading over to Eyre Peninsula and the stunning Coffin Bay for a fortnight’s working holiday. The Malibu’s going to get some time at Greenly Beach, where I’m going to practice some nose-riding and all thanks to the MU-X for getting me there.

5. Celebrating

This pandemic has also confirmed that this country is THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH. No contest. So when the time comes and the barriers are removed, go somewhere different. There is no better time than now to take full advantage of exploring the picturesque landscapes that are our backyard. If you already own the best 4WD on the planet with the D-MAX or MU-X—fill it with gear and walk, bike, surf, read and ‘Go Your Own Way’ for a bit! Perfect.

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