Ivan Emslie poses with his Isuzu D-MAX on beach Ivan Emslie poses with his Isuzu D-MAX on beach




Lancelin Sand Dunes, WA

Event Attended

Which event did you attend?

WA - Lancelin Sand Dunes

What did you think of the Location's terrain?

The location was great for learning how to drive in very soft sand.

What was your motivation to attend this event?

I wanted to learn more about off-road driving and the capabilities of my D-MAX.

What was the single most valuable thing you learned at the event?

I learned many techniques that will help me get out of bogged situations.

How do you feel about your off-road knowledge now that you've attended an I-Venture Club event?

On the event I learned a lot about tyre pressures, vehicle load and optimal speeds. Now I feel much more confident, to go off-road.

Where is your favourite off-road location?

I don't have a particular favourite off-road location, however I've just been enjoying some beach driving.

Where do you plan on taking your vehicle in the future?

I want to try tackling parts of the Shark Bay area. Into the future I'd love to cross the Nullarbor.


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