I-VENTURE D-MAX driving down sand dune I-VENTURE D-MAX driving down sand dune

Lancelin Sand Dunes - Western Australia

1 day
21/22 Feb
per vehicle


The Lancelin sand dunes experience is on offer for 21st and 22nd of February 2020 and will offer keen Isuzu 4x4  drivers an opportunity to gain an understanding of their vehicle when challenged by the ever changing, sandy horizons of Lancelin Dunes. Don't be fooled by their beauty, the dunes are a wide, unpredictable playground for all 4WDs.

Located 127 kilometres from Perth, the Lancelin Sand Dunes 4WD area will expose drivers to an amazing coastline that offers a great mix of driving conditions.
Isuzu MU-X driving down sand dune


At the start of the day, all drivers will participate in a brief presentation delivered by an accredited 4WD instructor. This presentation will enhance drivers' knowledge and give you the confidence to tackle any environment with your 4WD. After this, it's time to get rolling and put your new found knowledge to the test!
Isuzu vehicles parked on sand


This event is open to all Isuzu 4X4 D-MAX or MU-X owners. This off-road adventure will be geared more towards beginners and those looking to get the most of their Isuzu 4x4, but no matter your skill level there's always something to be learned from challenging the dunes.

The event fee covers two people, preferably both licenced drivers, and all participants are to be strictly 12 years or over to suit the event activities of the day.

What you will learn

This day is about enabling you to go off road, confidently. Below is a summary of some of the key learnings you will gain:

Sand driving

Stall recover techniques

Tackling traction

Steep ascents and
steep descents

Getting bogged

Picking the right line

How to drive on
sand safely

How to enter & exit
the beach

Limited Places Available $300 Per Vehicle

2 People Per Vehicle

Breakfast and Lunch

Dedicated 4x4 Trainer

Spots Available Per Day

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