Joe and Joyce Spiteri's Isuzu MU-X driving on beach Joe and Joyce Spiteri's Isuzu MU-X driving on beach


MU-X 4x4 LS-T


Moreton Island, QLD

Event Attended

Which event did you attend?

QLD - Moreton Island

What did you think of the Location's terrain?

Excellent! I would have liked a bit more mud or higher sand dunes but it's an island so lots of sand and still a lot of fun.

What was your motivation to attend this event?

I received an e-mail from Marc at I-Venture Club to register and thought, why not it looks like fun and it would be a good way to see and learn about what your own vehicle is capable of.

What was the single most valuable thing you learned at the event?

The safety of driving on sand and how to fig yourself out if you get stuck. Plus, the essentials of what to take in your vehicle in order to help you get on with your trip.

How do you feel about your off-road knowledge now that you've attended an I-Venture Club event?

We feel much more relaxed when driving off-road.

Where is your favourite off road location?

Stockton Beach, NSW

Where is your favourite off road location?

I plan to head to Cape York, then hopefully one day do a trip around Australia.


Professional accounts from those in the know who've attended I-Venture Club events.

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