Darrell Barnes' D-MAX descends dirt slope Darrell Barnes' D-MAX descends dirt slope


D-MAX 4x4 LS-U Crew Cab Ute


River Island, NSW

Event Attended

Which event did you attend?

NSW - River Island

What did you think of the Location's terrain?

Great! Challenging for my skill level.

What was your motivation to attend this event?

To learn how to get the most use out of my vehicle. I also have an interest in learning about 4WD driving.

What was the single most valuable thing you learned at the event?

How to prepare my vehicle for off-road driving an executing a water crossing.

How do you feel about your off-road knowledge now that you've attended an I-Venture Club event?

So much more confident in my ability to go off-road driving and the trust I have in my vehicle.

Where is your favourite off road location?

Bouddi National Park, NSW

Where is your favourite off road location?

Blue Mountains and Barrington Tops NSW.


Professional accounts from those in the know who've attended I-Venture Club events.

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