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Truck DNA

More than an ordinary vehicle

Isuzu’s truck DNA means power, efficiency and reliability. It is the expression of 100 years of specialist engineering. It is the heart of Isuzu, and we give it to you in every vehicle we make.

Truck DNA

Since its early beginning in 1916, Isuzu has become one of the world's leading diesel engine and commercial vehicle manufacturers – producing over 22 million diesel engines to date.

Isuzu's cutting-edge diesel technologies, and their integration into a new generation of diesel engines, has not only enhanced the environmental benefits of diesel engines, but has helped accelerate the growing use of Isuzu diesel engines and commercial vehicles in more than 100 countries around the world.

This engineering, combined with our 'truck-tough' chassis and millions of kilometres of torturous testing, makes the Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X more than capable of handling any situation you can throw at them. The superior engineering, technology and testing that goes into the D-MAX and MU-X will ensure you experience many years of reliable motoring.

Isuzu Power

Maximum power for minimum input

Isuzu are diesel specialists, and the precision technology in our turbo-charged engine is famous for providing genuine and reliable power.

Isuzu Power

Famous for its durability, reliability and fuel economy, the Isuzu 4JJ1-TC 3.0L turbo diesel is the perfect solution for powering a lifetime of D-MAX and MU-X adventures. Also found in many of Isuzu’s N-Series trucks, this engine, when placed in the D-MAX and MU-X delivers outstanding performance.

Developing 130kW and 380Nm of torque, delivered across a flat torque curve, both the D-MAX and MU-X have plenty of power for every situation- even when you’re towing or fully-loaded. Plus, it’ll keep your wallet fully-loaded with its incredible fuel efficiency, even in demanding situations.

Isuzu Power Graph

Superior Fuel Efficiency

Spend less money at the pump

D-MAX and MU-X have been designed for superior fuel economy, from the precision-controlled common rail fuel injection system to the aerodynamic body designs, tested in the same facility as the Japanese bullet trains.

Superior Fuel Efficiency

The Isuzu D-MAX has long been famous for its superior fuel economy – proven time and time again with our MAX-RUN challenge. All Crew Cab 4x4 automatics consume only 8.1L/100km#. The Isuzu MU-X also proves to be an economical choice using only 8.1L/100km# in 4x4 manual models.

Many design secrets and cutting edge technologies contribute to this fuel efficiency. The D-MAX’s aerodynamic body design, for example, was tested in Japan’s bullet train wind tunnels to ensure maximum aerodynamics and minimal drag.

The most important factor however, is the hi-tech Isuzu turbo diesel engine. It uses Isuzu’s latest super high-pressure common rail fuel system as well as an advanced variable geometry turbo charger to develop maximum power while using minimum fuel. Plus, an intelligent 5-speed automatic gearbox ensures you’re always in the correct gear and saving fuel.

True Towing

Ready to work

Our owners expect our vehicles to be able to work, and work hard. This regularly means towing a big load. Whether it’s a trailer loaded with tools, or a caravan for touring, or a boat for a fishing trip, our vehicles give you serious towing ability.

True Towing

As well as being the most comprehensively developed and most efficient and refined Isuzu vehicles ever produced, both the Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X are capable of towing a serious load. Whether towing a large boat, horse float, caravan or trailer, you can be confident that your Isuzu is equipped to perform.

The MU-X offers a 3 tonne braked towing capacity across the entire range. D-MAX offers 3.5 tonne braked towing on all 4x4 models and 2.5 tonne braked towing on all 4x2 models. These outstanding towing capacities give you the versatility to tow all you need with ease.

With specially developed suspension geometry, the Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X offer a comfortable ride while maintaining superior handling. Independent double-wish-bone with coil springs and gas shock absorbers guarantee solid front end grip and steering control, the D-MAX’s long-span leaf-spring rear suspension results in excellent stability and comfort, while the MU-X has all round coil spring suspension.

In other words, D-MAX and MU-X are built to handle your towing needs whatever road your work or weekend adventures takes you down.

Peace of Mind

5 year warranty and premium roadside assist

With our extensive history and legendary Isuzu reliability we offer a class-leading 5 year/130,000 km warranty^ and nationwide 5 year premium roadside assist as standard- so that you can travel with complete peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

We’re so confident in the legendary Isuzu reliability that we feel that it’s only fitting to offer you the longest factory warranty and roadside assist program on the market – and that’s not something that’s taken lightly. Isuzu D-MAX is the only 1-tonne ute on the market that comes with a bumper-to-bumper 5 Year/130,000km warranty^ and 5 year premium roadside assist and 3 years capped price servicing>, that’s standard across the entire range.

So rest assured that, no matter where you go, we've always got your back.

And, if you decide to sell your D-MAX or MU-X within the factory warranty period, we’ve got resale value covered too, with the remainder of the warranty fully transferable to the next owner.


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#ADR 81/02 is the federal government’s standard laboratory based test regime. Fuel figures applicable for D-MAX models built from 5 November 2014 onwards and MU-X models built from 6 November 2014 onwards. Your fuel figures may depend on driving style, conditions of usage, vehicle condition and load, and other factors. ^5 years/130,000km whichever occurs first, for eligible customers. Excludes trays and accessories. >The Capped Price Servicing Program applies to eligible Isuzu UTE vehicles with a warranty start date after 1 January 2015. The program covers the first 6 scheduled services in line with the scheduled service intervals. Program price subject to change. For full terms & conditions and current pricing click here.